Friday, March 2, 2012

Baseball and faith

The original Mabee Red Shield Cowboys t-ball team in 2009.
Faith is so much a part of The Salvation Army that I tend to take it for granted. I’m not defining faith as going to church on Sundays, I’m talking about faith that God will provide what is needed. The tradition in The Salvation Army is to plan first and pray that the resources will come. If that doesn’t illustrate the expression “stepping out in faith” I don’t know what does. Here’s an example: the coach-pitch baseball program at the Mabee Red Shield Boys and Girls Club on north Harvard. You haven’t heard of it? Here’s why: Its very first season is about to start.Three years ago, Athletic Director Sam Berry started a popular t-ball program for kids beginning at age four. Now the oldest of those kids need a coach-pitch program and Sam is starting it too. One of the challenges of filling an athletic program at the Boys and Girls Clubs is that often parents can get the same sport in a free program at public schools.  At the Boys and Girls Clubs kids get good role modeling, character building and important lessons in sportsmanship. I know of at least one example when Coach Sam helped turn a kid's life around, and I'm sure every Boys and Girls Club coach has a similar story.Will parents pay for their kids to play coach-pitch baseball? We don’t know, but for the sake of the kids and the club I hope they do. I admire the courage of people who step out in faith. Here’s the number to call for coach pitch or T-ball: 918-834-2464. And tell Coach Sam I sent you!


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