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Friday, February 14, 2014

T.D. Williamson + Launch Pad = a winning combination!

This week, Major Taylor, volunteer coordinator Jenny, and case workers Kelly and Tara and myself were honored to attend a lovely volunteer thank you luncheon for the employees of T.D. Williamson. The luncheon was held at The Silo in west Tulsa.

Major Taylor and Jenny shared the impact that T.D. Williamson had on different volunteer areas this past holiday season. TDW employees adopted over 140 Angel Tree angels, volunteered at distribution in Sapulpa and Tulsa, AND were trailblazers for our newest sponsorship opportunity, Launchpad.

Major Taylor presented a certificate of recognition to Annie Tomecheck, Supervisor, Global Community Investment, for the Launch Pad program.

In particular, we want to thank TDW for being the lead sponsor for the Launch Pad program and for being such generous patrons for a family in need.

Launch Pad is a NEW volunteer/sponsorship opportunity designed to bless a homeless family with minor children who live at the Center of Hope and are participating in the Supportive Housing Program (SHP). SHP consists of 16 1-3 bedroom apartments that clients can live in for up to 24 months, with sliding scale rent, while they pursue education, employment and stability for their family. Launch Pad sponsors redecorate and replace basic household goods- including furniture and beds. When clients complete their program and move out to permanent housing, they can take the furniture and goods, ready to set up house in their new place.

TDW's volunteer crew did a fabulous job, from maximizing space to personalizing and thinking of creature comforts. We are really impressed with the end product. Check out these pics of the TDW apartment's "After"-- amazing!

If you or your organization would like more information on sponsoring a Launch Pad apartment, please call Jenny McElyea, our volunteer coordinator, at 918-587-7801. It's an amazing opportuniy to positiviely impact a homeless family on a very basic level.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Volunteers: Making the Impossible, Possible!

Food Packing Day
Impossible. That is what Christmas at The Salvation Army would be without volunteers.

This Christmas more than 1,800 volunteers provided 7,635 hours of service. That many volunteers is the size of a small army. Which is kind of perfect!

Volunteer Davey from Pepsi was up
to his ears in stuff animals!
As the volunteer coordinator, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who were willing to give of their time just so others could have a Merry Christmas. As I was thanking our volunteers it blew my mind when they started thanking me!

The people who stood on their feet all day in a freezing warehouse were thanking me for this experience? Wow. I thought the cold or exhaustion had finally started getting to them. Then I realized something that everyone at The Salvation Army already knew. We truly have the most amazing volunteers in the world.
Serving a holiday meal.

If you gave any of your time to us this holiday season or even this year, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks, so much,
 - Jenny

Activity              Volunteers             Hours

Bell Ringing *                 304               1520
Angel Tree                      240                 960
Christmas Eve Meal         35                   70
Gift Sorting                    150                 600
Checking Bags                  30                 150
Distribution                     750                3000
Food Sorting*                   75                  375
Thanksgiving                    46                    92
Food Packing                 217                  868

Total Volunteers/Hrs  1847               7635

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities 2013

Tis the season! 

 For many people the holiday season is still far, far away. But here at the Salvation Army we have been gearing up for Christmas since July! If you are like us and already have holidays on the brain, we are now accepting volunteers!

   Great for parents and kids to do together!  
Every year thousands come out and help us with a variety of volunteer opportunities, such as: Bell-ringing, Angel Tree Booths, Gift Sorting, Meal Serving, Christmas Distribution, Food Sorting, Food Packing and more.

We hope you will be one of them!

To register for any of these great opportunities click here!

2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Experience 

                            Toy Shop!                             
I am so excited to announce our Winter Wonderland Experience was a huge success last year and we are thrilled to be continuing it again this year! Every year hundreds of volunteers come through our doors during the Christmas season, but most only participate in one holiday opportunity and never get to see all of the efforts taking place to make Christmas wonderful for thousands of local families.

The Winter Wonderland Experience is a unique volunteer experience; you are able to choose how much time you'd like to give and we give you the opportunity to see what goes into creating Christmas joy for thousands in need.

Do you have a heart to serve a holiday meal, but would like to do more? Sign-up for our Snow Flake experience.

Outback Steakhouse employees serve Thanksgiving dinner!
Are you really excited about the season? Already started singing "Silent Night"? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Be our Snow Angel and kick off the holidays right with a wide range of holiday volunteer opportunities!

Check out the other wintery opportunities click here! to decide which best fits your holiday schedule. 

Each Winter Wonderland volunteer will receive a limited edition 2nd annual collectable t-shirt to wear while volunteering-- showing the world how special you are to us! You will also be invited to a VIP reception (in January) where you will be honored for your dedication to making The Salvation Army Christmas programs a success!

Spaces are very limited, so I hope to hear from you soon!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

United Way Day of Caring brings help where it's needed most

Each year, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs and Center of Hope are used by thousands of people. During that course our facilities can become in need of some special TLC. But when you have lots of projects to do, and only a few people available on a regular basis to help, what do you do?

Solution: United Way Day of Caring!

The United Way Day of Caring is a once a year event always in September (and the kick-off will be held at our very own West Mabee Boys & Girls Club on September 6) where,

 “United Way matches volunteers in workplaces to projects at agencies across the community, giving volunteers an opportunity to contribute in a hands on way to make a difference. Employers give their employees the day to work in the community as an expression of their commitment to their employees and to the organizations that support people all across Tulsa. Projects may include interior or exterior painting, yard work, preparing community gardens, building ramps, installing shelving or providing computer training.”
Each year partner agencies like The Salvation Army count on the United Way Day of Caring to help complete tasks that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish on our own. This year the United Way will be helping us with over 30 projects and will provide over 200 volunteers and estimated 1,000 hours of man power. And with the average value of a volunteer hour being $18.28 that provides a value of $18,280 worth of time alone. Not to mention that many companies donate the needed supplies to assist with the projects.

This is why we depend on volunteers and the United Way so much, they truly make the difference! We couldn’t continue doing the most good without them!

To learn more about volunteering with The Salvation Army contact Jenny McElyea, Volunteer and Disaster Resource Manager at 918-587-7801 or to learn more about participating in the United Way Day of Caring contact Maxine Street 918-583-7171.  


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TV Dreams Turn Into Reality Through The Most Amazing Race

Tulsa to host the Salvation Army's Most Amazing Race, June 2014

 I’ll admit I watch a lot of television. While on maternity leave, I got addicted to the Food Network. I tried to create the same recipes I saw on my favorite shows, but my entree didn’t quite look the same as Bobby Flay’s dish. I also can’t sew, sing, dance (at least not very well) and I have no aspirations to put my children in any pageants. I wouldn’t make it out in the wild very long. The chances for me to be on a reality show are slim to none. 

But the one show that I would want to participate in is CBS’s “The Amazing Race.” I love this show because contestants get to do some unique “tasks” while seeing some beautiful places around the world. Now, The Salvation Army is giving Tulsans an opportunity to turn their TV dreams into reality during The Most Amazing Race, a new event coming to downtown in June 2014!  

A scavenger hunt-adventure style race, The Most Amazing Race is a popular fundraising event for Salvation Army organizations throughout the United State, such as Minneapolis, Fort Lauderdale, Pittsburgh and Raleigh. Now, we’re bringing it here.    

Logo provided by GuRuStu Group

Patterned after CBS’s “The Amazing Race,” teams of 2 will be tasked with physical and mental challenges as they “race” throughout downtown – including challenges in Tulsa’s most popular areas such as the Blue Dome District, Brady District, and other downtown locations. The purpose of the event is to highlight local amenities and features while also educating the public about the Salvation Army’s programs and services—all while having tons of fun.

The Most Amazing Race combines physical tasks, such as obstacle courses and sports engagement, with mental tasks such as following directions, solving puzzles or overcoming common fears. Teams and volunteers won’t know what’s included in the challenges until race day. They could be tasked to learn a cheerleading or dance routine or make a recipe in the Center of Hope’s kitchen. To make sure the race isn’t easy on anyone, participants will also be faced with detours throughout the event where they’ll have to choose between two challenges.

Teams will pay a registration cost and then be required to raise a modest amount of funds to participate in the race. The winning team will win a grand prize, while the top fundraising teams will receive prizes and special advantages throughout the race. Corporate sponsors will have the unique opportunity to create a special challenge in the race.

All money raised from the Most Amazing Race will go to the Center of Hope, the largest homeless shelter in northeast Oklahoma.

Participants interested can stay current on details through the race- specific Facebook page, just search for “The Most Amazing Race Tulsa.”

I’m so excited to be a part of this unique fundraiser; it's a chance to make your reality T.V. dreams come true, right here in Tulsa! Stay tuned!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Christmas Spirit

I know it is only August, don't worry I haven't completely lost my mind. However, the last week or so has really gotten me into the full fledged Christmas spirit. This is my 5th Christmas at The Salvation Army and most of our blog readers know by now that it is more than just an "assistance program" around here.  It is sort of like the circus comes to town for about 2 months, camps out in my office and won't leave.

Volunteering in the Toy Shop!
We are already handing out Christmas assistance registration appointments.  These 3,960 slots represent 3,960 Tulsa families and we will set down with each one, review their situation and then determine if they are eligible for assistance. In order to do all this we start in August. So, in my line of work the "holiday season" starts in August and ends in January.  I have adapted but I don't understand why I can't put up a tree or hang stockings until Thanksgiving, by then Christmas is almost over!

In the last few weeks I have worked on projects regarding kettles, toy drives and food drives.

My Mom and I volunteered together
last Christmas!
I say all this to ask you this question, when does Christmas start for you? Are you already buying stocking stuffers, planning holiday meals or most importantly thinking about how you can give back this year? We would love to have you join our team and our needs are great. You can host a toy drive, canned food drive or volunteer to ring bells! Join us in the Christmas Joy Center to help us sort Angel Tree bags, work in the Toy Shop or stock our food baskets.  We have so much for everyone. Holiday Volunteer Dates have already been posted.

Here is a promise from me, if you volunteer this Christmas you will automatically feel more blessed than ever, and even if you already love Christmas you will love it more than you thought possible.  Maybe you will love it so much you decide to start early every year like I do. We can put up our August Christmas trees together.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Tis the Season: Holiday Volunteer Dates!

HO HO HO! What? It’s just July, why are you talking like Santa? Well, because for us over here at The Salvation Army Christmas season has already begun and one of the most common questions we get is, when can I sign up for volunteering? Well, mark your calendars! 

We have the most-up-to-date list of our Holiday volunteer opportunities. Additional details will be announced on the September 9th blog. 

August 19 th—September17 –Angel Tree Appointment Letters
September 18th– October 11 –Angel Tree Registration
September 9-Thankgsiving Volunteer Registration Opens and additional details about volunteering will be posted on our blog!

October 1stChristmas Volunteer Registration Opens
November 22- December13-Angel Tree
November28-Thanksgiving Meal Service
December 2-18 –Toy Shop
December 7 –Food Sorting
December 14- Food Packing
December 19-21- Gift Distribution

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these opportunities contact Jenny McElyea, Volunteer Coordinator at 918 587 7801 or

    ALSO: We have a large need for Spanish/English speaking volunteers! If you or anyone you know is bilingual please consider volunteering your talent this year!
-   --Jenny

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

To our thousands of volunteers we say, happy Volunteer Appreciation Week and thank you for all you do! The Salvation Army relies on volunteers to help us spread our mission of “Doing the Most Good.”  During 2011-2012 this is what our volunteers provided:

5,517 volunteers served 10, 310 hours at the Center of Hope.
5,301 volunteers served 61,913 hours at the  Boys & Girls Clubs.   
2,662 volunteers served 11,229 hours in the Tulsa Area Command office and warehouses. That's a total of 13,480 volunteers who served 83,452 total hours!

The average value of a volunteer hour in Oklahoma is $18.28. If you do the math, that comes out to our volunteers providing a $1,525,502.56 donation worth of service in just one year! WOW!

I love seeing the impact our volunteers have on the community. Think about it, these are individuals who simply feel compelled to help others, whether it is by serving meals at our Center of Hope or coaching a basketball team at one our six Boys & Girls Clubs. None of these volunteers set out to donate more than a million dollars to The Salvation Army, but because each one followed their heart together they did!
“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Check out the blog and our Facebook page each day this week for more ways to celebrate or volunteers!

- Jenny McElyea

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thank you volunteers!

The Police vs. Fire competition
is legendary.
Impossible. That is what Christmas at The Salvation Army would be without volunteers. This Christmas more than 2,000 volunteers provided 8,805 hours of service. Two thousand volunteers is the size of a small army. Which is kind of perfect!

As the volunteer coordinator, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who were willing to give of their time just so others could have a Merry Christmas. As I was thanking our volunteers it blew my mind when they started thanking me! The people who stood on their feet all day in a freezing warehouse were thanking me for this experience? Wow. I thought the cold or exhaustion had finally started getting to them. Then I realized something that everyone at The Salvation Army already knew. We truly have the most amazing volunteers in the world.

If you gave any of your time to us this holiday season or even this year, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t do it without you!

Without our volunteer food sorters
our staff would have to work DAYS
to get the job done!
Type of Activity                   Volunteers        Hours Served
Bell Ringing                             403                      2250
Angel Tree                              196                      784
Christmas Eve Meal                  38                      76
Gift Sorting                               99                      396
Checking Bags                          33                     122
Distribution                              838                     3392
Food Sorting                           222                     667
Food Packing                          373                    1119   
Total Volunteers                    2,202                    8,806
Thank you so much!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shoeless child touches hearts

When you’re busy processing, packing and distributing gifts and toys for 9,500 people – mainly children – it was sometimes easy to get so caught up in “making it happen” that you forgot what you really were making happen.

On the first day of distribution the weather was bitter cold. I was helping a mother take her items to her car when her little girl who appeared to be about seven came running to meet us, hoping she might catch a glimpse of what was in “her” bag. (She couldn’t. The bags are opaque for that reason!) I looked down at her feet and saw that they were bare, leaned over and said, “Missy, what in the world are you doing without your shoes on? It’s freezing out here!” Still bouncing with excitement she said to me in a very matter of fact manner, “I don’t have any shoes anymore. Our house burned down the other night.”

 I looked up at the mother who shrugged her very weary shoulders and said, “We thought me losing my job was the worst thing that could happen before Christmas then our house caught on fire. We have nothing left and had no insurance. If it weren’t for you [The Salvation Army], we wouldn’t even have a Christmas.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Celebrate the Holidays with Alliday!

I love handmade stuff. In fact, I've called myself a 'craft maven' on more than one occasion. I love to DIY home decor and art and I've tried my hand at sewing pillows, curtains, even purses.

But I also recognize that I can't make everything myself (clothes, psssh) and therefore love hitting up a good craft show to see what amazing things other people make. 

One of the best craft shows around is Alliday- and I'm not just saying that because they are sponsoring a Toy Drive for us.
This year is the 3rd annual Alliday show and frankly, I'm excited to have an excuse to swing by on Saturday. Doors open at 9am on Saturday, Dec. 15th until 5pm. The Alliday Show is located at the Ford Truck Exhibit Hall at the Fairgrounds (21st and Yale) in Tulsa. Show details available on the show's website or  Facebook page.

Show organizer, Briana Shipley, is a seasoned crafter and blogger over at Bifftastica. She's also a new mom, so major kudos to her for pulling this whole thing off!

Brianna also keeps a great Alliday blog, in which she features a new show vendor each day, building up to the event. It's pretty cool. So far, she's featured candle makers, painters, silversmiths and...fudge makers. (YUM). Check it out. 

As I mentioned, Alliday is hosting a Toy Drive, benefiting the Salvation Army's Forgotten Angels. 
Angel Tree angels are due today (12/12) and at this writing, over 2,500 Angels have yet to make their way back to the Joy Center. 

We expect a tidal wave of toy bags tonight, but believe it or not, there will be Angels who don't get returned. These are the Forgetten Angels. The numerous toy drives throughout the city (14 at last count) this season will go to fill the bags of the Forgotten Angels.

The Alliday Show on 12/15 is literally the last opportunity to contribute a toy, as gift distribution will begin on 12/18. You can also bring all that change you have been holding on to because a Red Kettle and bellringer will be posted outside all day. PLUS, there is a match for funds raised in kettle on Saturday so $1 becomes $2! (Thanks to Tulsa Gold & Silver)

BUT, to sweeten the pot, if you bring a new, unwrapped toy to the Alliday Toy Drive, you can enter to win a prize pack of goodies from the artists of Alliday! Contributions from half a dozen artist and counting!

So, come on out, bring a toy, buy some awesome handmade stuff and maybe win a great prize pack! See you Saturday!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Spirit of Giving

When you work for the Salvation Army, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit. You’re surrounded by people who willingly work extra hours and spend their own money to help those who need it most this time of year. 

Although this is only my second Christmas with the Army, I’m constantly amazed at the generosity of others. 

I’ve been receiving endless amounts of phone calls from people wanting to donate anything from $25 to $2,500. 

There’s also an abundance of companies and groups wanting to do their part to help.  This list includes:
  • ORU Students & Faculty – Donated 1,270 toys and canned foods through their 5th Annual Bring Good Cheer Toy Drive
  • Jimmy’s Egg – Providing a warm breakfast for our bellringers later this month.
  • QuikTrip – Donated hundreds of coupons for our bellringers to get a warm sandwich after spending several hours in the cold weather, ringing that bell.
  • Panera – Donated bagels throughout November for our bellringers.
  • Queenies – Donated muffins, fresh out of the oven, for our bellringers earlier this month.
  • Mod’s Coffee & Crepes – For four consecutive Thursdays (November 29th, December 6th, 13th and 20th), Mod’s is donating 25% of its sales from 4pm-10pm to help get donations for our “forgotten angels.” These are angels on our angel trees that are either left on the tree, or not returned.
  • JC Penney – When shoppers check out to pay for their gifts, they’re asked if they want to give their change to the Salvation Army to help with our programs.
  • AAON and Tulsa Gold & Silver – Both companies are Matching Kettle sponsors. Aaon matched all kettle donations up to $5,000 on Saturday, December 8th. So far, December 8th has been our biggest return for donations – likely because of the kettle match. Tulsa Gold & Silver is taking it a step further, pledging to match up to $10,000 on Saturday, December 15th and $15,000 on Saturday, December 22nd.
  • Dilly Deli, Tulsa Oilers, Merritt’s Bakery, Incredible Pizza, Regal Cars, Air Power Systems, 1stStarBank and Miss Jackson’s – All of these are having toy drives for the Salvation Army. This is greatly needed, considering we have 1,000 more angels on our angel tree.
This is just a few of the many, many acts of kindness shown to the Salvation Army this holiday season. We appreciate all of these people, group and businesses for showing what this season is really about by getting into the spirit of giving! 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Kettle Matching Saturdays: $1 = $2!

    When you walk by a red kettle on Saturday, it’s more important than ever to throw in whatever change you may have with you. Why? Because that change will be doubled on the next THREE Saturdays!

    We couldn’t do this without the generosity of two businesses:
 Aaon and Tulsa Gold & Silver.

    Aaon has pledged to match every kettle donation on Saturday, December 8th up to $5,000. This means if you put in $1, it will turn into $2. When I went to thank the people at Aaon, I noticed the company also has an angel tree in its lobby to encourage employees to adopt an angel this season. Aaon definitely has the spirit of giving. 

    Tulsa Gold & Silver has taken their kettle match to the next level. The company will match kettle donations on December 15th up to $10,000 and on December 22nd up to $15,000!! Tulsa Gold & Silver has been a big supporter of the Salvation Army and has really helped our kettle campaign in the past.

 Rachel Davis, whose husband John owns Tulsa Gold & Silver, has a special connection with the Salvation Army: her parents are former officers in the Army! 

    So spread the word! If you see a red kettle, donate what you can. We have more people to help this season and we want to make sure everyone has a smile on their face when they wake up on Christmas morning!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ring A Bell, Bring A Toy, Get A Deal On A Nutcracker Ticket

Photo from
Watching the Nutcracker ballet is a tradition in my family. Every December, since the age of 4, I have put on my best holiday dress and watched the wonderful tale of a fairyland Christmas.  This year, I’m taking my 5-year-old niece!

You have a unique opportunity to watch the Nutcracker FOR FREE while also helping the Salvation Army.  We are partnering with Tulsa Ballet this Christmas to help bring cheer to the community. 

The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to ring a bell in front of the Performing Arts Center before and after every Nutcracker performance.  The volunteers will get a free ticket to the Nutcracker and will be able to enjoy the show in between ringing the bell. Bellringing will start an hour before the show and 30 minutes afterward. So for just a few hours of your time, you can enjoy a great holiday show. 

There are eight performances:

  • Saturday, December 8th -2pm   TAKEN
  • Sunday, December 9th- 2pm
  • Saturday, December 15th- 2pm  TAKEN
  • Saturday, December 15th- 7pm  TAKEN
  • Sunday, December 16th- 2pm
  • Saturday, December 22nd- 2pm TAKEN
  • Saturday, December 22nd- 7pm TAKEN
  • Sunday, December 23rd- 2pm TAKEN

Contact Jenny McElyea, Volunteer Coordinator, for volunteer opportunities, via email or phone- 918-587-7801.

In addition, Tulsa Ballet is also holding a Toy Drive for the Salvation Army. If you bring a toy by the Tulsa Ballet building – located at 1212 E 45th Place South (near 45th & Peoria), you will get $5 off a ticket to the Nutcracker! This is a great way to get a discount, while also helped the 8,570 angels on our Angel Trees. 

Thanks to the Tulsa Ballet for helping the Salvation Army make this a happy holiday for everyone!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Getting It": Pre-teen Discovers Holiday Spirit

   “Look, Mom! This angel has my name and is exactly half my age!” My son had been scouring the Angel Tree at Woodland Hills Mall after the Kickoff ceremonies, looking for an angel of his own to adopt. Now 12, he announced he was old enough to pick his own angel and asked if he could spend some of his savings to buy the presents for his angel. This proud Mom said yes and gave him a big hug.

I was thrilled that he “got it.” He understood that while we might not be rich financially, we could help a child (six-year-old Riley) have Christmas presents under the tree that he wouldn’t otherwise have. (Did I say I was proud?)

Saturday, The Tulsa Area Salvation Army officially opened the Angel Tree programs at Promenade and Woodland Hills Malls. More than 12,000 angels will be up for adoption. The children and elders the paper angels on these trees represent are counting on people like me, my son, and you, the generous citizens of the Tulsa area, to help them have a Christmas. Not a great Christmas, not even necessarily a good Christmas, but a Christmas at all.

Will you join my son and me in this small act of kindness?  We’re going shopping for our angels this week so we can get them back to The Salvation Army by the deadline of December 12. 
We hope to see you out there too! 
 - DJ

Photos of the event, by DJ Morrow. 

Cash and Carry from K95FM and Lee Ann Taylor from KTUL/Channel 6 talk Angel Tree withMrs April Taylor at Woodland Hill Mass on Satursday, November 17th.

Girls Quintent "MP3" sang at both Promenade and Woodland Hill Mall Kickoff events.

Iconic Salvation Army brass band spread holiday cheer for all to hear!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stats, Numbers and Units of Hope

As a grant writer, I'm not normally disposed to LIKE working with numbers, I much prefer finessing the English language. But, I do love me some stats.

I like seeing the service numbers from across Tulsa Area Command; I'm always impressed by the sheer breadth of impact that the Army has in Tulsa.

I think it's very important to recognize that each number represents a person, who has had their needs meet, their lives touched by their community's generosity and their heart lifted by hope for even just a few minutes.

We had a great turnout for Thanksgiving, both in volunteers and people served!

Thanksgiving Stats:
70 community volunteers served
meals to 890 guests at Center of Hope
for a total of 144 service hours, 
on Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you, Tulsa!

Now for some Christmas numbers!

Angel Tree Stats:
We have 8,570 child Angels on the trees,
and have 591 Elder Angels to serve as well.

The 4,200 Angel Tree families will receive food baskets 
with fresh fruit, milk, eggs and canned goods, 
when they come to pick up the Angels gifts.

We need your help to make Christmas as big of a success as Thanksgiving was! Canned food drives are helping to fill the canned food need, but the fresh items must be bought and stored on site.
 4200 dozen eggs
8600 gallons of milk
4200 bags of apples
4200 loaves of bread
4200 bags of oranges
4200 boxes of Bisquick
4200 packages of stuffing 

We're on our way with lots of support from our Board, but need your help to make sure every family gets a basket. 

Won't you consider sponsoring a food item?
Picking up an Angel for each angel in YOUR life?
Come volunteer your time to ring a bell, 
work a shift at the Angel Tree table 
or hand out food baskets? 

Contact, Lindsay Sparks, Development Director for a complete list of Christmas funding opportunities! Email or phone (918-587-7801)

Contact Jenny McElyea, Volunteer Coordinator, for volunteer opportunities, via email or phone- 918-587-7801.

-Vicki Thorne

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toys! Toys! Toys!

You may have heard the news, but the Angel Tree is loaded down with needy Angels this year. We have almost 1000 additional Angels over last year, in need of some holiday cheer.

Lindsay, our Development Director, said when the numbers came in, "We are going to need lots of toys this year! We need toy drives, toy drives, toy drives!"

And as newly crowned Queen of Toy Drives, I'm excited to tell you all that we HAVE several toy drives lined up! From the annual KTUL/BOK toy drive to a first-year drive at the Alliday Craft Show, we are excited to be working towards making Christmas fun for all of our Angels.

The most unique toy drive in Tulsa is Social Media Tulsa's annual #Tweet4Toys event. You may remember the event from last year from our Random Act of Kindness post, and this year they are back, for their 3rd annual toy drive event!

Social Media Tulsa is a unique group of technology minded folks (of which I am a proud member) who use social media tools, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, to facilitate communication, business and community. They have meetups throughout the year and host a conference in March; you can join their Meetup group or follow along on Twitter by using the hashtag #smtulsa.