Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Christmas Spirit

I know it is only August, don't worry I haven't completely lost my mind. However, the last week or so has really gotten me into the full fledged Christmas spirit. This is my 5th Christmas at The Salvation Army and most of our blog readers know by now that it is more than just an "assistance program" around here.  It is sort of like the circus comes to town for about 2 months, camps out in my office and won't leave.

Volunteering in the Toy Shop!
We are already handing out Christmas assistance registration appointments.  These 3,960 slots represent 3,960 Tulsa families and we will set down with each one, review their situation and then determine if they are eligible for assistance. In order to do all this we start in August. So, in my line of work the "holiday season" starts in August and ends in January.  I have adapted but I don't understand why I can't put up a tree or hang stockings until Thanksgiving, by then Christmas is almost over!

In the last few weeks I have worked on projects regarding kettles, toy drives and food drives.

My Mom and I volunteered together
last Christmas!
I say all this to ask you this question, when does Christmas start for you? Are you already buying stocking stuffers, planning holiday meals or most importantly thinking about how you can give back this year? We would love to have you join our team and our needs are great. You can host a toy drive, canned food drive or volunteer to ring bells! Join us in the Christmas Joy Center to help us sort Angel Tree bags, work in the Toy Shop or stock our food baskets.  We have so much for everyone. Holiday Volunteer Dates have already been posted.

Here is a promise from me, if you volunteer this Christmas you will automatically feel more blessed than ever, and even if you already love Christmas you will love it more than you thought possible.  Maybe you will love it so much you decide to start early every year like I do. We can put up our August Christmas trees together.


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