Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TV Dreams Turn Into Reality Through The Most Amazing Race

Tulsa to host the Salvation Army's Most Amazing Race, June 2014

 I’ll admit I watch a lot of television. While on maternity leave, I got addicted to the Food Network. I tried to create the same recipes I saw on my favorite shows, but my entree didn’t quite look the same as Bobby Flay’s dish. I also can’t sew, sing, dance (at least not very well) and I have no aspirations to put my children in any pageants. I wouldn’t make it out in the wild very long. The chances for me to be on a reality show are slim to none. 

But the one show that I would want to participate in is CBS’s “The Amazing Race.” I love this show because contestants get to do some unique “tasks” while seeing some beautiful places around the world. Now, The Salvation Army is giving Tulsans an opportunity to turn their TV dreams into reality during The Most Amazing Race, a new event coming to downtown in June 2014!  

A scavenger hunt-adventure style race, The Most Amazing Race is a popular fundraising event for Salvation Army organizations throughout the United State, such as Minneapolis, Fort Lauderdale, Pittsburgh and Raleigh. Now, we’re bringing it here.    

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Patterned after CBS’s “The Amazing Race,” teams of 2 will be tasked with physical and mental challenges as they “race” throughout downtown – including challenges in Tulsa’s most popular areas such as the Blue Dome District, Brady District, and other downtown locations. The purpose of the event is to highlight local amenities and features while also educating the public about the Salvation Army’s programs and services—all while having tons of fun.

The Most Amazing Race combines physical tasks, such as obstacle courses and sports engagement, with mental tasks such as following directions, solving puzzles or overcoming common fears. Teams and volunteers won’t know what’s included in the challenges until race day. They could be tasked to learn a cheerleading or dance routine or make a recipe in the Center of Hope’s kitchen. To make sure the race isn’t easy on anyone, participants will also be faced with detours throughout the event where they’ll have to choose between two challenges.

Teams will pay a registration cost and then be required to raise a modest amount of funds to participate in the race. The winning team will win a grand prize, while the top fundraising teams will receive prizes and special advantages throughout the race. Corporate sponsors will have the unique opportunity to create a special challenge in the race.

All money raised from the Most Amazing Race will go to the Center of Hope, the largest homeless shelter in northeast Oklahoma.

Participants interested can stay current on details through the race- specific Facebook page, just search for “The Most Amazing Race Tulsa.”

I’m so excited to be a part of this unique fundraiser; it's a chance to make your reality T.V. dreams come true, right here in Tulsa! Stay tuned!


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