Friday, December 7, 2012

Kettle Matching Saturdays: $1 = $2!

    When you walk by a red kettle on Saturday, it’s more important than ever to throw in whatever change you may have with you. Why? Because that change will be doubled on the next THREE Saturdays!

    We couldn’t do this without the generosity of two businesses:
 Aaon and Tulsa Gold & Silver.

    Aaon has pledged to match every kettle donation on Saturday, December 8th up to $5,000. This means if you put in $1, it will turn into $2. When I went to thank the people at Aaon, I noticed the company also has an angel tree in its lobby to encourage employees to adopt an angel this season. Aaon definitely has the spirit of giving. 

    Tulsa Gold & Silver has taken their kettle match to the next level. The company will match kettle donations on December 15th up to $10,000 and on December 22nd up to $15,000!! Tulsa Gold & Silver has been a big supporter of the Salvation Army and has really helped our kettle campaign in the past.

 Rachel Davis, whose husband John owns Tulsa Gold & Silver, has a special connection with the Salvation Army: her parents are former officers in the Army! 

    So spread the word! If you see a red kettle, donate what you can. We have more people to help this season and we want to make sure everyone has a smile on their face when they wake up on Christmas morning!


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