Wednesday, September 4, 2013

United Way Day of Caring brings help where it's needed most

Each year, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs and Center of Hope are used by thousands of people. During that course our facilities can become in need of some special TLC. But when you have lots of projects to do, and only a few people available on a regular basis to help, what do you do?

Solution: United Way Day of Caring!

The United Way Day of Caring is a once a year event always in September (and the kick-off will be held at our very own West Mabee Boys & Girls Club on September 6) where,

 “United Way matches volunteers in workplaces to projects at agencies across the community, giving volunteers an opportunity to contribute in a hands on way to make a difference. Employers give their employees the day to work in the community as an expression of their commitment to their employees and to the organizations that support people all across Tulsa. Projects may include interior or exterior painting, yard work, preparing community gardens, building ramps, installing shelving or providing computer training.”
Each year partner agencies like The Salvation Army count on the United Way Day of Caring to help complete tasks that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish on our own. This year the United Way will be helping us with over 30 projects and will provide over 200 volunteers and estimated 1,000 hours of man power. And with the average value of a volunteer hour being $18.28 that provides a value of $18,280 worth of time alone. Not to mention that many companies donate the needed supplies to assist with the projects.

This is why we depend on volunteers and the United Way so much, they truly make the difference! We couldn’t continue doing the most good without them!

To learn more about volunteering with The Salvation Army contact Jenny McElyea, Volunteer and Disaster Resource Manager at 918-587-7801 or to learn more about participating in the United Way Day of Caring contact Maxine Street 918-583-7171.  


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