Friday, September 20, 2013

North Mabee Boys & Girls Club Celebrates 40 Years

Some call it a “shining star” in North Tulsa, which some consider the most economically deprived area of the city. The North Mabee Boys & Girls Club is celebrating 40 years of changing lives in Tulsa by throwing a party. A big one. The Club is combining Homecoming at North Mabee with its 40th birthday celebration!

North Mabee is a place where kids can feel safe. Staff and volunteers work hard to show these kids how to be good citizens and let them know they have a chance in life. With a dark room, ballet classes and a recording studio, the Club exposes kids to the arts. It’s a place where kids discover they can dream big and those dreams can come true.

Kids in the recording studio
ACT/SAT prep with Ms. Carol

Tiny ballarinas!

North Mabee has an impressive list of alumni, including professional athletes, journalists, musicians, lawmakers and city leaders. 

Club Director Latrice Fowlkes has been with North Mabee for 22 years.
“I’m most proud of our volunteers,” says Fowlkes. “We have volunteers who are long-standing. Some have been here for 30 years. They love the kids. Some started volunteering when their kids were members, but stayed around after the kids left.” 

Something else North Mabee is proud of: its sports programs. During a 12 year period, North Mabee won football championships nine different times. Several professional athletes, including Philadelphia Eagles running back Felix Jones and New Orleans Saints wide receiver Robert Meachum, started playing football at North Mabee. But if you talk to any of the staff and volunteers at North Mabee, they’ll tell you it’s not about the sports, it’s about the kids. 

 The sports may have got the kids to the Club, but then the staff work to teach them about life. Staff will take Club members on college trips so they can tour the campus and get the experience of being on campus. The ACT program prepares Club members for college and helps them prepare for tests.  

“Kids used to come here for sports, but now they’re coming more for academics,” says Fowlkes. “They see how other Club members have become successful, and they want that too.” 

Performances are scheduled for the Homecoming/40th Anniversary Celebration along with face painting, a Jupiter jump and a chili dinner. It costs $4 for chili and a dessert.

Friday, September 20th
6pm - Pep rally followed by dance
Saturday, September 21st:
9am – Football games start
9:30 (halftime of first game) – Might Might Cheerleaders
10am – Lacy Jammers
11am – KIPP Prep School Drumline
12:45pm – Pizzazz Line Dancers

Come celebrate the great achievements of North Mabee!
- Carrie

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