Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stats, Numbers and Units of Hope

As a grant writer, I'm not normally disposed to LIKE working with numbers, I much prefer finessing the English language. But, I do love me some stats.

I like seeing the service numbers from across Tulsa Area Command; I'm always impressed by the sheer breadth of impact that the Army has in Tulsa.

I think it's very important to recognize that each number represents a person, who has had their needs meet, their lives touched by their community's generosity and their heart lifted by hope for even just a few minutes.

We had a great turnout for Thanksgiving, both in volunteers and people served!

Thanksgiving Stats:
70 community volunteers served
meals to 890 guests at Center of Hope
for a total of 144 service hours, 
on Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you, Tulsa!

Now for some Christmas numbers!

Angel Tree Stats:
We have 8,570 child Angels on the trees,
and have 591 Elder Angels to serve as well.

The 4,200 Angel Tree families will receive food baskets 
with fresh fruit, milk, eggs and canned goods, 
when they come to pick up the Angels gifts.

We need your help to make Christmas as big of a success as Thanksgiving was! Canned food drives are helping to fill the canned food need, but the fresh items must be bought and stored on site.
 4200 dozen eggs
8600 gallons of milk
4200 bags of apples
4200 loaves of bread
4200 bags of oranges
4200 boxes of Bisquick
4200 packages of stuffing 

We're on our way with lots of support from our Board, but need your help to make sure every family gets a basket. 

Won't you consider sponsoring a food item?
Picking up an Angel for each angel in YOUR life?
Come volunteer your time to ring a bell, 
work a shift at the Angel Tree table 
or hand out food baskets? 

Contact, Lindsay Sparks, Development Director for a complete list of Christmas funding opportunities! Email or phone (918-587-7801)

Contact Jenny McElyea, Volunteer Coordinator, for volunteer opportunities, via email or phone- 918-587-7801.

-Vicki Thorne

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