Friday, November 9, 2012

Turkey Talk

How would you feel if you were expecting 1,000 people for dinner and you didn’t have close to the amount of food you needed? 

That’s just how The Salvation Army feels right now.

We need 80 frozen turkeys and 80 frozen pre-baked pies for the Tulsa Salvation Army Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Right now we have none. Zero. 

And we need them by Monday.

We need them by Monday so we can begin cooking everything for the 1,000 people who will come to the Center of Hope on Thanksgiving Day. They will come together to share a meal and for a brief time set aside their worries and fears and do what most of us will do that day – enjoy a holiday dinner.
We know our community has a generous heart and hope that as people are shopping for their own Thanksgiving dinner this weekend they will pick up an extra turkey or pie and bring it to the Center of Hope, 102 North Denver. 

Turkeys, pies and any canned goods can be dropped off at the Center of Hope, seven days a week, 24-hours a day. 

Won’t you help?


PS- Editor's note: DJ is here with us at The Salvation Army filling in for Sallie during her leave, we are thrilled to have her on board! 

PPS- Editor's note #2: If you can't pick up a turkey, send us a text and make a gift! You can text JOY TURKEY to 85944 to make a $10 donation toward our holiday needs!

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  1. Turkeys are needed by Monday of which week? We are delivering them today, the 19th.

    Also taking several more turkeys to 601 N Denver to the rehab center. They need them too!