Monday, March 5, 2012

AARP & The Salvation Army: good partners

Linda Letzkus,
Area Command receptionist
Choosing between a job at a clock shop and a job at The Salvation Army was a no brainer for Linda Letzkus. “How busy could a clock shop be?” she asked Sherri Clark, director of the AARP Work Search Foundation. The foundation helps people over 55 find employment by partnering with organizations which are senior-friendly. “Before I joined Work Search, I was sending out resumes like a wild woman, 10 to 15 a week, and I got lots of interviews,” Linda said. “Then I’d walk in an office and I could tell by the look on their faces that they thought I was too old.” 

I know how she felt. Before I got my job here I held a job that didn't fit quite right and was looking for something new. My younger sister theorized that my gray hair was holding me back. “It just announces that you’re on the downhill slope to retirement,” she said. I bet her that I’d find a good job in a year and if I didn’t, I promised her I’d go back to being a brunette. Luckily, I found my dream job with the Army with no help from Lady Clairol. 
“With Work Search, when you walk in a host agency you know you’ll be accepted,” Linda said. 
 She started here with Work Search in March 2011 and has been employed by TSA as our receptionist since July 2011. The Salvation Army has given four Work Search participants permanent positions in the last six months, making it the leader among host agencies. Linda said she likes the atmosphere at Area Command. “People are considerate and there’s no office drama.” And no ticking clocks!


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