Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trash to cash

At last - a really, really easy way to recycle, topped with a gift for The Salvation Army. I want to be an conscientious recycler but I live in a condominium where the city doesn’t pick up my recycling. I sometimes just throw it in the back of the car and take it to a Metropolitan Environmental Trust (MET) Recycling Center. But there some things that the MET doesn’t recycle – plastic bottles with a 3, 4 or 5 on the bottom; styrofoam.  I was excited to learn about the "Feed Mr. Murph" bins where you can take almost anything to be recycled and you don’t even need to sort it. I learned about feeding Mr. Murph when American Waste Control, the company that started the program, called to say they had a check to donate to The Salvation Army.

The Mr. Murph bins are located at non-profits including the Tulsa Teacher Credit Unions.The non-profits earn cash for their Mr. Murph and also can give cash to a charity of their choice. TTCU chose us. Tom Hill, CEO of American Waste Control, says they collect an average of more than 80 tons of recyclables per day and have increased overall recycling in Tulsa over 300% since the beginning of 2011. The photo shows Tom giving a check to Captain Jay Spalding, the officer who heads the Citadel Corps, a Salvation Army church at 3901 E. 28th. It turns out that Capt. Spalding has been teaching the Citadel kids about recycling, so they throw away almost nothing. Instead, they feed Mr. Murph at Eisenhower International School across the  street where one of the church kids is a student. What the photo doesn’t show is me, joyously feeding  my recycling into Mr. Murph. Thanks to American Waste for starting this cool recycling system in Tulsa, and thanks to Tulsa Teachers’ Credit Union for thinking of us!


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