Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Day

When it comes to Martin Luther King, Jr., the kids at the Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club know their stuff. At least the girls do – I couldn’t get any of the boys to talk to me. The kids were honored to be asked to ride on the Cox float in the parade and I hopped on at the last minute, I thought. Then we all waited an hour for the float to start moving. It was ok, though, because the temperature was mild and Cox employees kept us entertained. One Cox guy did the Cupid Dance and blew giant gum bubbles. Everyone was entertained by Digi, the Cox mascot, whose handler seemed worried that  he/she would be blown down by the brisk wind. And there were dogs – one with four tiny boots and a Swarovsky crystal-studded collar. 

Here’s what the kids answered when asked what they could tell me about the late Dr. King:

Kerrey, age14, “He was awesome.”

Kaitlyn, age 10, “He was a minister who preached the word and died at 39.”

Camryn, age 11, “He won a Nobel Peace Prize and is the only person who has a day named after him who wasn’t a president.”

Madison, age 9, “He did non-violent marching because he wanted peace in the world. “

Chrinasia “Nay Nay” age 6,”He fought with peace. He changed America because he helped Africans and Americans to get along.”

And my personal favorite from Mallorie, age 6, “ He was trustful and did not like meanness. He turned the world upside down.”



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