Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kids art exhibit

Every year the Boys & Girls Clubs of America search their local clubs for top young artists to compete in nationwide art contest. And every year, all year, members of clubs paint, draw, sculpt and color artwork to enter in the competition.

For two years, the young artists have exhibited their works at the Philbrook Museum.  Read that sentence again. PHILBROOK. This is a museum with a Picasso.   I can only imagine the thrill of being about five years old and having one of my creations shown at Philbrook.  The kids are familiar with the museum because of “Rock Philbrook,” a day during Boys & Girls Club summer day camp when the kids from all six local clubs look at exhibits, listen to a concert and create some art themselves. 

Still, I like to imagine a typical boy of about 10, with crazy wild hair, holes in his pants and scabs on his knees saying to his favorite teacher, “My painting is on display at Philbrook. Would you like to come to the opening?” (In my mind, that boy looks a lot like my son, who is now 25.)

About 30 people came to the opening. First, second and third place ribbons were given in four categories; painting, sculpture, mixed media, and drawing. Philbrook staff members judged the show and everyone who placed will be able to enter their artwork in the Boys & Girls Club regional contest with hopes of being selected for the national contest. From a bird bath to a robot sculpture, there was so much variety and creativity in the show it was hard to pick the ones to photograph, but I gave it a shot. Enjoy a sampling from the show!