Monday, January 30, 2012

Top ringers get trophies

Steve Lassiter (left, in plaid) with the Midtown Rotary had a funny story to tell me. He was one of a dozen or so of the top bell ringers who gathered Friday to get their trophies. Steve said once he was ringing at the Hobby Lobby in his OU jacket. He always opens the door for everyone, which I am sure helps his number of donations. “A big ole boy was coming across the parking lot with a little woman. He had on a Texas jacket. The woman dropped some money in the bucket. I opened the door for his cute little wife but I let the door hit that big ole boy. He turned around and gave me a twenty and we had a good laugh,” Steve said.

I had heard that Tulsa fire fighters had beaten the Tulsa Police in the bell ringing competition this year, so I was surprised when two officers entered the conference room. I caught them on the way out and asked them if they were glad that Major Williams didn’t make them hand the trophy over to the fire fighter. “We come every year whether we win it or not, it’s just fun,” one of them said. Then the trash talk started. “We’re letting them borrow our trophy this year. It will be home next year.” The officers’ names were T. Jenkins and J.B. McNeal. I’ll be on the lookout for those two next year!


P.S. Congratulations to Broken Arrow High School National Honor Society, Tulsa Fire Department, The Tulsa Drillers, Downtown Rotary and Midtown Rotary-- All 1st place winners!

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