Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sportsmen feed homeless

OK, I admit I was not looking forward to trying a venison taco at 9 a.m. The last venison I had eaten was tough and gamey. But as soon as got a whiff of the Good Day Tulsa studio at KTUL Tulsa’s Channel 8, I knew this was a different story. It smelled divine. It was being cooked with red peppers, yellow peppers, and lots of onions and seasonings. Scott Leysath, the Sporting Chef, cooked the venison on Good Day Tulsa and anchor Laura Moss and I enjoyed tacos afterward. Scott is in a show on the Sportsman Channel called “Hunt.Fish.Cook” . You can see it on Cox Communication’s Channel 270.

The channel has an organization called Hunt.Fish.Feed that collects game donated by hunters to feed the homeless. Scott cooked at the Center of Hope yesterday evening, and 450 meals were served. One enthusiastic guest came back for four extra helpings and there was still venison left over. Not to mention the additional 500 pounds of venison donated by Terry’s Taxidermy in OKC. It’s being stored in freezers at the Center of Hope. One of the best things about the Venison Taco event yesterday was the dozen or so volunteers from Cox who helped out. Tiffani Bruton from the Cox Connects Foundation and I were talking to another Sportman’s Channel star, Jeff Danker, who said serving homeless guests completely changed the way he looked at things. “I’m way too blessed,” he said. Me too, Jeff, me too.


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