Friday, February 17, 2012

Coach Carey wins halftime

Six Boys & Girls Clubs with games and events every week. The largest homeless shelter in Northeast Oklahoma. A myriad of social services at the shelter. A huge volunteer program. I can’t keep up with it all, so I’m delighted when co-workers and officers let me know about things they’ve attended. I received the below in my e-mail this week. Thank you Captain Gesner!

Dear Sallie,

On a recent Sunday, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Tulsa had an opportunity to attend a Tulsa 66ers basketball game. While in attendance, Sand Springs' Athletic Director, Patrick Carey, was asked to participate in a half-time challenge. The 66ers offered to give the winner of a competition a luxury suite to another 66ers game if they could make a lay-up, free-throw and 3-point shot within 24 seconds. The participant would only have one ball and would have to rebound after their own shot.
Patrick sank the lay-up easily and proceeded to make his free-throw. But, time was winding down, and he only had 8 seconds left to get to the three point line and attempt a couple of three-point shots. Patrick told me, "I knew that by the time I set up, I would only have about 5 seconds to shoot. So, I knew I'd only get one shot at it. I waited till the last second, shot the ball up and.....nothing but net!!!" Patrick won the competition and represented The Salvation Army well. Attached is a picture of him doing the Tim Tebow Te-"bow" at center court. At the far right hand side, you can see his wife and kids' faces of surprise and pride!
In His Service,

Captain Patrick Gesner

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