Monday, February 27, 2012

Marines work out at BA club

Their assignment has changed from hiking treacherous mountain terrain and dodging gunfire in Afghanistan to dodging senior citizens in the pool at the Broken Arrow Boys & Girls Club. They are the TOW Section 1st Battalion 25th Marines and they’ve been home from Afghanistan for about three weeks. “When they’re sitting on the bleachers waiting for their turns to swim laps they are perfectly lined up. It gives me cold chills just to see that kind of discipline,” said Janis Fraley, BA club director. They landed in the club because their leader, Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Provencher, was a club member as a child. He played on the BA football team while in the third, fourth and fifth grades. His primary memory of the club is of a former staff member, Levi Law, the older brother of Jake Law, the Sapulpa Boys and Girls Club director. These Marines will be home for six months before another deployment.They work out together every day to stay combat fit and ready to work as a team. BA Lifeguard Donna Burdick said it "lifts her spirits" when the Marines walk in the door. Thank you Gunnery Sgt. Provencher and the 1st Battalion 25th Marines for serving our country.


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