Friday, March 22, 2013

Club Art show better than ever

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Annual Art Show was better than ever this year, with lots of parents attending and amazing art work. I’m no critic, but it seemed to me that many of the art works were just as good or better than art created by adults. And they were definitely more fun to see! Below right are Maj. Jim Taylor, Tulsa Area Commander and from the Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club are Lauren Reed, club member, Melissa Gruszeczki, program director and Miss LaDonna, Young Rembrandts art teacher. Left are twins Ethan and Alex from the Mabee Red Shield Club along with their mom Kay Strmecki. 

Quite a few parents came to see their children’s art works and enjoy refreshments. For a complete listing of the winners, make sure you click to the second part of the story. For now, here are some of the grand prize winners.
Bailey Summers, "Guard Your Heart"

Michael McHenry, "Black Tree"

Coltin Hudgins, "Paul & Joe"

Sarah Olaleye, ”Flower Field”

Grand Prize Awards
Sarah Olaleye, ”Flower Field,” Grand Prize in Multicolored Drawing, Mabee Red Shield, age 8
Bailey Summers, “Guard Your Heart,” Grand Prize in Mixed Media, Broken Arrow, age 11
Michael McHenry, “Black Tree,”  Grand Prize and First Place in Acrylic, West Mabee, age 11
Johnny Fowlkes, “Mabee Babies,” Grand Prize in Monochromatic Drawing, North Mabee, age 18
Coltin Hudgins,”Paul & Joe,” Grand Prize in Collage, Sapulpa, age 9

First Place Awards

Audrey Punches, “Forest Life”, First Place in Monochromatic Drawing, Sapulpa, age 10
Samantha Archer, “Yumm,” First Place in Multicolored Drawing, Sapulpa, age 10
Issac Johson, “The Crazy Picture,” First Place in Mixed Media, Mabee Red Shield, age 9
Nicholas Flores, “color Shapes, “ First Place, Pastel, Mabee Red Shield, age 8
Grace Blaes, “YOU,” First Place in Collage, Sapulpa, age 8
Seth,Gabe and Jaden Banner, “Hands of Brotherly Love,” First Place in Group Projects, Broken Arrow, ages 7, 9 & 12
Rebecca Cota, “Extreme Colors,” First Place in Printmaking,  Mabee Red Shield, age 9
Ethan Strmecki, "Three Crosses," First Place in Acrylic, Mabee Red Shield, age 6

Second Place Awards

Lilyanna Giddings, “Lily’s Flower Pot,” Second Place in Multicolored Drawing, age 7
Andrew Carpenter,"Sport," Second Place in Collage, Sapulpa, age 10
Jaluca Garcia, “Monster Truck,” Second Place in Monochromatic Drawing, Mabee Red Shield, age 8

Third Place Award

Catherine Killough, “My Little Pony,” Third Place in Monochromatic Drawing, Sapulpa, age 12

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