Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bouncin' BBQ a hit in BA

Dear Major Taylor,
I’m going to need a panoramic lens for my camera if you want me to photograph the baskets at the Broken Arrow Bouncin’ BBQ next year. They had 125 gift baskets up for auction and they sold all but two of them! They made $5,000! This will help the BA Boys & Girls Clubs with club programs and help ensure they are Doing the Most Good in their community.

That lens will also come in handy for the rows and rows of people waiting to bid on items in the live auction. And what about Boy Scout Troop 995? I rounded up of few of them, but they were all over the gym helping with everything from serving people food to busing tables. It was like herding cats!

 Also, I’m going to need a camera with a high speed sports setting to capture kids bouncing on the inflatables. Fortunately this little boy, left, stayed still for a few seconds so I could photograph him. And, I was able to talk a few people into posing for me. Above right is Janis Fraley, club director and head of the Bouncin BBQ, with her two club alums who visit every year, and left, Kelly Walker with her family and friends and baskets.

Captain Lori Lucas had Marjorie Banks, a club member who participates in water aerobics, help her with check out. The BBQ was a lot of fun. I had a great time, and I think everyone who attended did too, but maybe we can get together soon and talk about that new camera?

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