Monday, March 11, 2013

5 Things You Don't Know About the Broken Arrow B&GClub

A few weeks ago, I went to visit the Boys & Girls Club down in Broken Arrow. I was familiar by sight with the Club, since I got married at Tarp Chapel across the street, lo these 5+ years ago.

Anyway, I met with longtime Club Director, Janis Fraley to pick her brain a little bit about grant-related needs and then got a grand tour of her Club. 

Here are five things that I learned about what makes the Boys and Girls Club of Broken Arrow wonderful and unique.

1. In addition to more traditional team sports like basketball and baseball, they Club is also home to an active karate program. And Ms. Janis has been teaching karate for more than 25 years!

Swimming = happy Club kids!
2. The Club's indoor swimming pool hosts Club open swim, community water aerobics, oh and, practices for the Broken Arrow High School varsity swim team.

3. Boy Scout Troop 995 meets at the Club every month and there are a LOT of Eagle Scout projects beautifying the Club property-- they've built picnic tables, sand boxes, and even outdoor decks for the Club kids use! 

4. Janis knows how to line up the support. When I visited, they were about a week out from the recent Bouncin' BBQ and had silent auction baskets stacked from floor to ceiling! Add to all those donated items, the recently donated desks and chairs from Ferguson Pontiac there in Broken Arrow, Janis' Club was chock full of community support!

Swinging = happy Challenger kids!
5. Lastly, the BA Club is known for miles around for their Challenger programs designed for "differently abled" children and youth. More than 150 physically and/or mentally challenged kids play team sports on the "Challenger" baseball field, play on the wheelchair accessible swings and lap the fields on the Challenger Walk.

Pretty cool, huh? 
If have an interest in helping out at this great Club, you could volunteer your time or resources at the Club itself; contact Jenny McElyea Volunteer Coordinator at 918-587-7801

 Also, Teen area could use 2 new couches--teens sure are hard on furniture, aren't they? 

And lastly, Janis is collecting sponsors for Phase III of the Challenger Walk/Playground Expansion! Contact her directly for more information about this opportunity; 918-258-7545.

Rock on, BA! I'm impressed and inspired by what all you have going on at your amazing Club!

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