Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tiny Dancers

On Tuesday night I got to participate in a special dance recital at the Center of Hope. Children for the Center's Supportive Housing Program have been practicing every Monday since March with volunteer dance instructors Maria Stevenson, Heather Fick, Jessica Rhodes and Kilee Hammer. This was their first opportunity to show off what they have learned and it was fantastic.

The eight children participating tapped and danced to "I Feel Good" by James Brown and the audience, including myself, was captivated by their eagerness to perform. Because of their dedication and hard work they got two special rewards last night, a pizza party before the recital and an after-party in the BOK Suite at the BOK Center for a Tulsa Shock basketball game!

Kelly Maricle a Case Manager for the Supportive Housing Program was thrilled with the kids' performance, "It was their night to shine and tap dance their way into the audience's hearts!  These kiddos were so proud of themselves and deservedly so. I went home at the end of the night feeling so blessed to have the job I have."

The Supportive Housing program provides semi-permanant housing for individuals and families who are trying to become independant once again following a variety of circumstances that lead to homelessness. The program focuses on teaching life skills and promoting self-sufficiency.

Congratulations David, Dominique, D'Anna, Diamond, Ashton, Kierra, Braylah, and Taylor -- You were awesome and I know there are many great things in your futures! 


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