Thursday, September 8, 2011

3,000 people to register for Christmas assistance

Three thousand people have received their letters scheduling appointments for Christmas assistance registration, according to Major Kathy Williams, Coordinator of Women’s Ministries and Christmas coordinator. Scheduling an appointment to register is the only way people can receive gifts for children and the elderly at Christmas, Mrs. Williams said. The appointments start Wed.,Sept. 14 at the new headquarters at 924 S. Hudson Ave. (see map below) and people are asked to enter on the west side of the building. Applicants need to bring the following items to the appointment:

  • Their appointment letter
  • Photo ID for the person applying for assistance
  • Birth certificates for all eligible children, 0-12 years of age
  • Pant, shirt, shoe sizes and toy choice for each child
  • Current proof of all income identification that states how much you receive, such as current paycheck stub, food stamp verification, TANF and Social Security
  • Proof of current address, such as utility bill or lease.

Last year, we gave 34,000 Christmas presents to 3,000 people. As you can see, it’s a huge undertaking but with help from our experienced staff and wonderful volunteers, we’ll get the job done!