Friday, September 23, 2011

Meth Addiction and The Salvation Army

Did anyone else see the story on CBS News Tuesday evening about TV commercials reducing teenage meth usage in Montana by 63%? That’s an astounding reduction. The TV ads have been running for six years. They’re very graphic and disturbing – apparently disturbing enough to have an effect. How does this relate to the Salvation Army?  Some of the teens who get hooked on meth can sometimes turn into homeless adults who we help at the Center of Hope – our shelter and social services center. And our ARC Family Stores support the Adult Rehabilitation Center where all kinds of substance abuse issues are addressed. Last Christmas a 30-something woman at the shelter thanked me for serving food that she could chew with her gums, as she had no upper teeth. I asked her how she lost her teeth at such a young age. “Meth,” she said. I claimed ignorance and she promptly educated me. “One of the ingredients of meth is battery acid,” she said, making it clear. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting interviews with Salvation Army staff members and their thoughts about meth addiction and how we help people who are affected by it. Stay tuned...



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