Wednesday, March 2, 2011

United Way: Helping All Kinds of People, Including Me

Arletta Robinson, director of
the Center of Hope,  was selected
to give the invocation.
The fact that the United Way helps all kinds of people was abundantly clear at their annual luncheon held last Wednesday. Photographs of people of all colors and ages decorated the tables to illustrate the theme “The Faces of Giving.”  TSA was represented in a photograph of Major Roy Williams on the stage backdrop. His smiling face was also on the program cover. Have you ever been helped by a United Way agency? My family has. My family is a typical middle class family but  we've been helped by at least two United Way agencies. One is the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, where I try to work out twice a week. I've worked out with a physical therapist because it's covered by my medical insurance, but I choose to go to the Center because they're better. Same thing with Youth Services. Many years ago, one of my children was having typical teenage problems. Because we have medical insurance, we could have gone to almost any counselor in Tulsa, but we found the most  talented one was at Youth Services, a United Way agency.  
Check out the United Way's agency list here, and you may be surprised how many great non-profits you'll find, maybe even some that you've used. 
How many of you have been helped by a United Way agency? How many of you have been helped by the Salvation Army? I’m not asking for true confessions here, just the facts! How about sending some comments? 

See more photos from the United Way, here.

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