Wednesday, March 9, 2011

College Expensive, Scholarships Help

As the parent of two kids in college, I’m familiar with the high cost of tuition and the importance of scholarships. The fun part as a parent was reading the kids' essays - I sometimes learned things I had never known! Two our girls won small scholarships to OSU and OU. Kids at our six Boys & Girls Clubs have been writing their essays and making speeches as part of the Youth of the Year competition and the winner will be revealed at the banquet Thursday. The kids are judged on character, leadership and personal development.  These kids have to show that they’ve “turned their aspirations into actions” according to Michael Dishman, who is coordinating the event. The young person who is selected will be awarded a $2,500 Presidential Freedom Scholarship. The judges will also look at what personal obstacles the kids have overcome  to achieve success. Stay tuned to see who wins!


 EVENT: Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Banquet, Thurs., Mar. 10 , 6 p.m., Tulsa Community College Creative Center, 910 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa. For tickets call Michael Dishman, 587-7801.

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