Monday, February 28, 2011

TSA Area Command Moves

Last week was our first week in our new building at 924 S. Hudson, the warehouse we used for the Christmas Joy Center, and it’s great to be settled again! Veronica Ramirez, our multi-talented business manager, orchestrated the move and it went amazingly well. We saved tens of thousands of dollars by packing and moving ourselves. Our awesome maintenance staff did all the heavy work.  The Penloyd company used to be in this building, and we are temporarily located in their old offices.  We’re taking bids for a build out in the warehouse for our permanent offices.  Penloyd made glass display cases for Dillards and other glass products, so we have a beautiful round glass door, glass brick and etched glass walls. Lindsay and I are in an office that was carved out of the former warehouse break room and freshly painted. It features a mirrored column, come visit us and we’ll give you a tour! Bring cash :)


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