Friday, February 4, 2011

Center of Hope Coping Well with Storm

On Day Four of Snowpocolypse 2011, the Center of Hope staff members and guests continue to cope with the winter weather by working together, said Arletta Robinson, director. "We're operating with a skeletal staff who are staying overnight at the Center of Hope and working in shifts. Also, with the bad weather our guests have stepped up and are helping in any way they can," Arletta said. Our food supply at the homeless shelter and social services center is also holding up well, although we could use some donations to replenish the food we’ve used up. "We plan ahead for situations such as this, so we have plenty of food. Thursday we served 1,300 meals," Arletta said. The number of overnight guests has also risen, with 368 the highest count since the storm started.

I often get asked if we could use donations of blankets, coats and food. We already have blankets for our guests, but we could use some coats. We'll make sure the people who need them get them. We can't use donations of small cans of food (like we collect at Christmas) because it takes more staff members to open them, but we can always use donations of food in bulk. If you’d like to donate, remember you can text "TULSA" to 85944 to donate $10 and we will Do the Most Good with your gift. Stay warm!


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