Monday, February 7, 2011

Shelter Prepares for Next Storm

Center of Hope Food Services 
Manager Shannon Deever is 
keeping her spirits up 
despite the storm.
Center of Hope employees who had stayed overnight at the shelter last week finally got to go home over the weekend, if only to do laundry and gather their overnight gear to prepare for the next storm - due Wednesday.  All things considered, staff and guests are coping well with 300 plus people staying overnight and feeding more than 1,000 meals every day. The center is prepared to feed people for another week, regardless of the weather, said Arletta Robinson, Center of Hope director. But donations are needed for replenish the pantry staples that have been used up.

Saturday and Sunday,  KJRH-Channel 2 ran a story about texting donations to us for replenish the pantry. “At home, you replenish your pantry a little at a time. We don’t have that luxury here,” Arletta said. One challenge has been that the truckloads of fresh food that are usually delivered weekly couldn’t make it last week. “We all got really excited when we saw the milk truck today,” Arletta said. Although supplies are getting low, spirits are holding up well. Arletta said that she has received only two reports of guests fighting or complaining about each other. “Homeless people aren’t stupid. This is killer cold and they know they have to pull together,” Arletta said. 

Text “TULSA” to 85944 to make a one-time $10 donation to the Tulsa Salvation Army. Make sure you confirm your donation.

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