Thursday, August 12, 2010

Target Sponsors Back-to-School Shopping Spree

If it had been a race, the young dads with boys would have won, hands down. The moms with one child came in second, the moms with two daughters finished last. The event was the Target Shopping Spree, held Tuesday to provide 100 kids from four Boys & Girls clubs with $80 of clothes and supplies to prepare them to go back to school. Kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs swarmed in the four Tulsa area Targets; Super Target on 71st., Target stores at Tulsa Hills, Broken Arrow and 21st & Yale. At the Target store near 21 st and Yale, 25 kids from the Salvation Army North Mabee Boys & Girls Club crowded the front of the store at 9 a.m., along with a parent or volunteer chaperone with each child and volunteer monitors in the fitting rooms and rest rooms.
A fast-moving parade of red carts took off from the front of the store and headed to the kids’ clothing departments. They were followed by photographers from KTUL NewsChannel 8, OETA and FOX 23. James, the photographer from KTUL, is about 6’5” and spent a lot of time walking on his knees to document the little guys picking out their supplies. The favorite item in the school supplies department was a Lebron James binder, a shiny red plastic binder with a raised 3-D action photograph of the basketball player. It was a favorite of the dads and the kids. Thank you Target!

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