Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something New Brewing at QuikTrip

I just got back to the office from the QuikTrip at 15th and Denver and scarfed down a large, decaffeinated, whole-milk iced latte with whipped cream on top. (sigh…) I already want another one. Is it crazy to be such a big fan of a convenience store? My friends and I have named the new QTs with the coffee and tea bars the Taj Mahal QuikTrips. One friend and her son who is home from college make a nightly pilgrimage to my Taj Mahal QuikTrip to try out different types of teas. Does everyone have a QuikTrip they call their own? Or am I just weird that way? My QuikTrip used to be the one on 61st & Lewis, but now that the Taj Mahal QuikTrip is open, I’ve switched.  Amazingly, the 61st and Lewis QT still seems to be thriving. :)

When my family visits from West Virginia, I take them to a QuikTrip because they just don’t have anything like it at home. My favorite Taj Mahal QuikTrip clerk says “See you later alligator” when I leave, and he likes to make rhymes while he rings me up. Oh, there was a work-related reason I visited QuikTrip today. The Food for Hope entry forms have arrived! Grab a few for next week to fill out and take to a participating restaurant. You may win a QuikTrip gift card worth $1000! Just think of all the iced lattes that will buy, not to mention gas!

PS- Photo from the Irritated Tulsan blog, I drank mine too fast to get a photo :(

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