Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lunch for a Cause

I love good food. Let me start by saying that. Generally, I try to eat my meals at home. HOWEVER, during Food for Hope Week, I break all the rules. I throw caution to the wind and enjoy letting someone else cook my food.  I feel good knowing that I am helping ensure the neediest people in Tulsa get hot meal when they need it most.

Today, I enjoyed lunch at The Chalkboard, this well-known Tulsa restaurant that has been around for nearly 40 years.  Bonus, it is only 3 blocks from work! I drive by it every single day and I had never eaten there before. My coworker, Rhonda S. and I were thrilled upon realizing we had a Food for Hope restaurant right up the street. The Chalkboard is Rhonda's favorite, so she was happy to introduce me to the great atmosphere and European Continental food style.

My review... The food? DELICIOUS! Rhonda had the Chalkboard Muffolata and I had the Chalkboard Burger. The service? OUTSTANDING! I heard our server, Casey B., tell 3 other tables about Food for Hope Week, encouraging them to enter the drawing to win a $1,000 gift card to QuikTrip.  

So here's the breakdown: Rhonda's pre-tax total was $12.95 and mine was $14.54, The Chalkboard will donate $4.12 or 15 percent of the totals to The Salvation Army. This will pay for two meals for those in need. Pretty neat huh?


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