Friday, August 13, 2010

Food For Hope Week!

FRIDAY:   Back to Basics: Tex Mex & BBQ

Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant
It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.  So I nominated myself and four friends to eat at Ricardo’s, which is owned by Thomas Hunter, our Food for Hope honorary chair. Ricardo’s has the best chile rellenos in Tulsa, bar none.  Our server Amber was very sweet and patient with us. We can be a little demanding. The tab for our group of five came to $32.90 and 15 percent of that is $4.93 which would feed two guests one meal each at the Center of Hope.

Rib Crib

Inspired by the Williams’s Rib Crib adventure Thursday, 14 employees at Area Command ordered in from the Rib Crib at 16 th  and Harvard. The “Super Spuds” were four times the size of a normal potato, the barbecue was mouth watering and the healthy eaters in the office loved the salads. The total cost $98.50, 15 percent of that is $14.77, which would feed eight people one meal each at the Center of Hope.

El Chico
The Majors Williams ate lunch Friday at El Chico at 9825 E 21 st  St. where restaurant manager Bob Moneypenny made time to sit with them for a few minutes. “It was a great meal, “ Major Roy Williams said. Bob has been with El Chico for 20 years and with the 21 st . St. location for 15 years, a long time in the restaurant business. The Williams’ lunch came to $21. Fifteen percent of that is $3.15 which would feed one person one meal and a snack at the Center of Hope. Thanks to everyone who has participated in Food for Hope. It's been a great week!

Photo: Bob Moneypenny and Major Kathleen Williams at El Chico, Tracy Hamilton, Women’s Ministries administrative assistant,  enjoying a Rib Crib salad.

THURSDAY: Sand Springs Rib Crib: Ribs & More

Majors Roy and Kathleen Williams have really caught the Food for Hope eating-out bug. Wednesday evening, they ate at the Which Wich? at 6028 S. Memorial. Their two sandwiches and four chocolate chip cookies came to $17.80. Of that amount, Which Wich? will donate $2.67 to Food for Hope.  One meal for one person at the Center of Hope costs $1.80, so the $2.67 will feed one person a meal and have 87cents left over for a snack. In addition to the six daily seatings for meals the Center of Hope serves, it also provides brown bag lunches for guests to take to work, and food for special occasions such as monthly birthday parties for kids whose families are staying at the center. 

For Thursday lunch, the Majors Williams ate at Rib Crib in Sand Springs, where Sand Springs Advisory Board member Cody Worrell is general manager. “The best part of eating at Rib Crib is Cody, who is one of the most community-minded people in Sand Springs,“ Major Roy Williams said.  He said his baby-back ribs were excellent. The Williams’ tab came to $21.83, of which $3.21 will go to Food for Hope and feed one person a meal and a snack. 

WEDNESDAY: The Chalkboard : Healthy & Delicious

Salvation Army Advisory Board member Billie Barnett helped Major Roy Williams lighten up his lunch Wednesday by bringing in house salads from the Chalkboard. “All their salads are excellent,” Billie said. The house salad features a bed of mixed spring greens, dried Bing cherries, goat cheese and honey roasted pecans. Major Williams, Billie, and a guest ate for $36.90. The Chalkboard will donate $5.53, 15 percent of their tab, to Food for Hope. That will feed three people staying at the Center of Hope. Tracey Sudberry, owner of The Chalkboard, has signed up two other restaurants to participate in Food for Hope: The Green Onion and Garlic Rose. Thank you, Tracey, for your support!

TUESDAY: Evelyn’s Fried Chicken the Best!

For the the second day of Food for Hope Week, Majors Roy and Kathy Williams went to lunch at Evelyn’s Restaurant at 3014 N. 74th East Avenue, across from Mohawk Park. The couple both ordered the best-known entree from Evelyn’s – fried chicken. “It was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life,” Major Roy Williams said. Mrs. Williams doesn’t make fried chicken. She ate the collard greens and candied yams for side dishes. “The greens were wonderful,” she said. The couple spent $16.32, of which Evelyn’s will donate $2.44, or 15 percent to Food for Hope. This will feed one person one meal at the Center of Hope.

Photo: Wanda Armstrong, manager of Evelyn’s Restaurant, poses with Major Roy Williams during the second day of Food for Hope Week.

 MONDAY: Chili's to Kick it Off

Major Roy Williams, Tulsa Area Commander, and Major Kathleen Williams, Women’s Ministries Coordinator, kicked off Food Hope Week Monday by enjoying a meal from Chili’s, a Food for Hope participating restaurant. They chose the 51st and Harvard location of Chili’s and enjoyed a cool Caribbean salad and hot barbecue sandwich. “My salad was perfect for a hot summer day,” Mrs. Williams said. Their pre-tax bill came to $32.39 and Chili’s will donate 15 percent, $4.85, to Food for Hope. That $4.85 will feed a family of three staying at the Center of Hope homeless shelter one meal each. See how easy it is to help the homeless? All you have to do is eat out! And you have until Saturday to participate in Food for Hope. Watch our blog for the next exciting Food for Hope testimonial!

Photo: Carlos Ibarra, one of the managers for Chili's and Major  Kathleen Williams pose in front of the Chili's at 51st and Harvard. This is the second year Chili's has participated in the Salvation Army Food for Hope week. 


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