Friday, September 14, 2012

Vicki Thorne: blogger and grant writer

I'm so excited to introduce yet another member of our development team and a huge contributor to our social media efforts! Vicki Thorne joined our team here at the Army in July and has been a great addition. Vicki has lots of non-profit experience (working with YWCA, A New Leaf, Inc. and DVIS/Call Rape) as well as a firm foundation in writing and communications (Composition instructor at TU & TCC). So far she has been working tirelessly on some new funding for us as well as reinvigorating our social media presence.  Vicki is a Tulsan to her core with a love for midtown.  She recent finished renovating a classic Lortondale flat -opped home.  In her spare time Vicki and her husband attend LifeChurch and serve our state as a DHS Bridge Resource (i.e. Foster) Family. She always has great ideas and great stories to share and  I think you will be hearing a lot more from her on this blog in the future!

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