Tuesday, September 4, 2012

“Crafty Treasures Bazaar” starts Friday!

Beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Authentic  Native American pottery. Scrumptious baked goods. Hillbilly handicrafts. WHAT? Something doesn’t fit into the much-anticipated Crafty Treasures Bazaar and it looks like it is the hillbilly crafts of  Captain Jay Spalding (photo below right). The bazaar will be held at Area Command and is organized by the Citadel Corps where Jay and his wife Jamie are officers. “Please don’t make it sound like the whole bazaar is some kind of redneck craft show,” asked Capt.  Jamie and the Citadel’s busy assistant, Charity Mitchell.

I promised I wouldn’t  as we checked out the websites of some of the vendors. I’m going to be doing some early Christmas shopping at the jewelry booths if they are as wonderful as they look on line. (photo above left) The bazaar was also held last year, but this year it has expanded from the gym of the Citadel to The Salvation Army’s Area Command at 924 S. Hudson. Charity and Capt. Jamie have been planning the Crafty Treasures Bazaar for months and are proud of the elegant crafts that the hand-selected vendors will be selling.

Capt. Jay, on the other hand, is planning a Wednesday trip to the Dollar Tree to buy Mason jars and glass candlesticks to make "hillbilly stemware" and  "redneck wind chimes."  Apparently he creates the wind chimes with Dollar Tree flatware, raffia rope and the rims of the lids of Mason jars. The Citadel Youth Group Capt. Jay leads will be selling his crafts in addition to snacks and beverages. I can't wait to hear their sales pitch! But I have to confess that I do have at least one relative who would go nuts for hillbilly handicrafts.

The purpose of the Crafty Treasures Bazaar is to raise money for two Christian orphanages in Mexico that the women of the church support. The bazaar will be held from 6-8 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday. Bring lots of money to help support this great cause and I will see you there!


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