Friday, September 7, 2012

QuarterShare uses beef for relief

People love their beef: the United States is #2 in the world for meat-eaters (Luxembourg is #1 – who knew?). I grew up hearing the slogan “Beef: it’s what’s for dinner.” But really, it’s what’s for snack time too.  Walk into any QuikTrip and you’ll see a section of beef sticks and jerky. There’s a new company that is using beef… for relief. QuarterShare works just like the name says: the company will donate one quarter of all beef snack sticks sold back to local charities, food pantries and after-school programs.

We met QuarterShare’s President and CEO, Richard Cranford, while planning our two summer golf tournaments.  Richard has been successful in executive management and is the founder and CEO of three medical device companies based in Tulsa.  Richard created the QuarterShare Beef4Relief program in hopes of helping several charities throughout the nation, starting in Tulsa. QuarterShare was a sponsor for both the 13th Annual Boys and Girls Clubs Golf Tournament and the 5th Annual Women Helping Women Golf Tournament. 

Richard sold his beef sticks at the tournaments and gave a fourth of the proceeds to our programs. In fact, his $323 check from the Boys and Girls Clubs golf tournament helped pay for uniforms for the West Mabee Cheerleaders.

The West Mabee Cheerleaders and the Mabee Red Shield football team are now selling bundles of QuarterShare beef sticks to help pay for uniforms and other equipment. The beef sticks come in three flavors: Original, Smokey Sweet and Jalepeno. Each bundle has 10 snack sticks and sells for $20. You can also buy an individual stick for $2.  Trust me – these beef sticks are tasty!  If you’d like to purchase a bundle of beef sticks, or any individual sticks, call Rosemary Brown at 918-835-6902.

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