Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boys & Girls Clubs rock Philbrook

Hello, I’m Niva Grayson, a Summer Day Camp staff counselor at Maybe Red Shield Boys and Girls Club. In 2011, I was the Mabee Red Shield candidate for the Youth of the Year. I am now a sophomore at Langston University -- but enough about me! I want to give you a chance to hear about our amazing experience at the Philbrook Museum of Art Tuesday.
The Boys and Girls Clubs have been attending “Rock Philbrook” for three summers. Ms. LaDonna, Mabee Red Shield’s “Young Rembrandts” art teacher, made it so exciting for me and the children from the Boys and Girls Clubs to see Philbrook for the first time in 2009. I can remember our first visit well. We were all excited and nervous because we all were being introduced to something new. Ms. LaDonna did an amazing job giving us the chance to be creative and understanding that art plays an important part in our history.

All the portraits and artifacts at Philbrook show so much life and human emotion. Philbrook exposes us to different cultures in countries such as Egypt, Africa and right here in America. Philbrook staff and volunteers gave us all a chance to be ‘hands on’ in asking questions and letting us be involved. Yesterday when I attended another Rock Philbook tour, their staff had everything planned out and the kids got a chance to do their own art.

"You can see the love the instructors have for Philbrook. Their love seeps out into the kids, making them so intrigued to experience something new."
It is so important that we all get a chance to experience something new because we gain knowledge through art that shows life as we know it now, and also our past. To me, Philbrook  is like reading an exciting book that you’ll read over and over and every time you read it you learn something new.

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