Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post #300

This is our 300th blog post! Lindsay started the blog at with a post on Jan. 28, 2010 about the bitter cold weather. In the first two months of 2010, 64 people visited the blog. In the last two months, 1,101 people visited the blog. I think that's a respectable increase, but my favorite statistic is that visitors stay on the blog an average of almost six minutes. That means it's likely that they're actually reading about all the wonderful things The Salvation Army is doing in Tulsa. 

In two and a half years of writing and taking photographs for the blog it’s hard for me to pick a favorite post, so I asked Major and Mrs. Williams about their favorites. Major Williams said he likes the posts that show how Salvation Army employees have changed people’s lives. One of his favorites was about John Oak, the former meth addict who stayed at the Center of Hope in the Project Able program. John now works down the street and owns his own home. Another of Major’s favorites was about the Boys and Girls Clubs Youth of the Year. For two years, Alex Walker from the Broken Arrow Boys and Girls Club has been Tulsa’s Youth of the Year. This weekend he will go to the regional competition in Dallas and we’re all hoping he makes it to national.

Mrs. Williams likes posts that show how we are helping children. Her favorite post was about the Sand Springs "Totally Fit Tuesdays" program. “There’s no PE in the schools anymore. Now so many kids are obese and can’t move that it’s become the norm. The Sand Springs program is helping children grow into healthier adults,” she said. In the post about the Sand Springs program I wrote about a boy who thought chocolate pudding was a vegetable. I always  enjoy finding the humor in stories, but  my favorite part of working on the blog is going out and getting the stories. I could never have imagined the variety of interesting people I would meet.  

Yesterday, I interviewed Billy, a clown from Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus. We had a lot in common. We both juggle every day, although my juggling is figurative. We're the same height. We have big smiles. I have to admit though, I’m a little envious of Billy's job title, "The Ambassador of Laughter." But if he knew about all the fascinating people I meet, from a couple of former presidents to the kids at our clubs, he might be a little envious of my job. And I don’t have to do triple back flips!  



  1. No PE in schools. I have three children and they all had PE. My elementary kids had it all year long, every week. My Jr. High child took it as an elective in the second term and had it everyday. They played basketball, racketball, football, ran track & field, among others. It is true that Middle through High School get to choose it as an elective, but there is PE in school. BTW, my children are not obese and I really don't see it as the norm, as they do go outside everyday and play. I don't leave my parenting to a school or a club. I have a feeling that I am not the only parent that does. I would almost bet that we are the norm.

  2. Congrats, on the 300th post. We've had some great stories. I don't know what my favorite story was, but I can remember two that I really enjoyed. Both were about discovering some of our staff hidden talents. Keli Johnson and Trish Richardson. Thanks Sallie & Lindsay for all you do for us all.