Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diavolo teaches club kids

I’ve heard the name Choregus because they often give our Boys & Girls Club kids tickets to their performances at Tulsa’s Performing Arts Center (PAC). But I never knew what they were all about until talking to Valarie Keown this morning. Valarie coordinates the Choregus productions and their presentations to groups of kids. Some of their performances defy description, so click here to see a video. This video is of the LA group Diavolo Dance Theater, which will be at the West Mabee Boys and Girls Club at 4:30 p.m. TODAY. Monday they worked with kids at the North Mabee Boys and Girls Club. Club Director Jo Bright said the dancers were very “hands on."
“The dancers were in complete control. They taught the kids exercises where each child had to depend on their partner to do a certain task. It was all about trust and working together. The kids loved it,” Jo said. Choregus is giving tickets to the clubs for performances this weekend. Thank you Choregus. I love it when organizations work to broaden our kids’ dreams!


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