Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Angel Tree Volunteers

Guidelines for Salvation Army

ANGEL TREE Volunteers

First of all, “thank you,” for volunteering your time to assist at The Salvation Army Angel Tree! With the help of friends like you, we are able to assist thousands of needy Tulsans this holiday season. We hope that this experience will be a blessing to you.

The information contained in this blog will assist you in working at the Mall. Please refer to this brochure should you have any questions.

Please return the brochure to the Coordinator at the end of your shift. They will be passed along to the next volunteer. This will help us cut costs and serve more of those in need.

Sign in on the “Volunteer Sign-In Form.” It is very important that we have your name, address, telephone number and hours worked. This allows us to acknowledge your gift of time with a personal thank you.

Wear the smock provided. As a volunteer it is important that you are easily recognized as an official representative of The Salvation Army. Please give the smock to your relief volunteer at the end of the shift.

To schedule more volunteer shifts, call the Volunteer Coordinator at 918-587-7801x113. Should you have any issues feel free to call Salvation Army Staff members, listed on the back page.

Guidelines for Assisting Shoppers:

1.  Choosing an Angel
Choose an Angel- Shoppers may select as many tags from the tree as they wish. However, shoppers under 18 years of age must have an adult with them in order to select an Angel.

2. Purchase a gift
All gifts have to be new. The donor does not have to purchase every gift suggestion on the list. They may purchase however much or little they can afford to purchase. We have asked the parent to list a toy choice that is $30 or less.

3. Return the Angel Tag and gift
Gifts should be returned unwrapped. However, wrapping paper and ribbon may be included with the donated gifts. It is important to include the angel tag with the gift.

Gifts must be returned no later than December 13th so that sufficient time is allowed to get them organized. Distribution of the gifts begins on December 17, 2011. The Angel Tree booth will be open 10:00 am-9:00 pm daily through December 17th.

Processing Returned Gifts
Place the gift(s) for each Angel in the clear plastic bag provided. If possible, all gifts for an individual child should remain together in one bag. Put the Angel tag inside the bag. Close the bag with a ziptie.

Write the Angel number or tape the top part of the Angel tag to the gift that is to large to fit inside the clear plastic bag.

Place the secured bag in the big box. The Salvation Army staff will be by once or twice a day to pick up the returned gifts.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Questions? Call us!
Rhonda, Volunteer Coordinator: Cell 918-282-5417

Major Williams: Cell 918-851-3577
Tracy: Cell 918-724-7290

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