Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tulsa’s Homeless Coping with Heat with Help from Center of Hope

By Zach Gray Tulsa World
According to the Tulsa World, July wasn't just Oklahoma's hottest July on record, but it was the hottest month since 1895 when records were first kept. The Center of Hope is one of three Tulsa Cooling Stations, which means it’s always cool and open to visitors, and they can always get a cup of cold water. “You know how they say in real estate the three most important things are location, location, location? In the hot weather it’s hydration, hydration, hydration,” said Arletta Robinson, director of the Center of Hope homeless shelter and social services center. Thankfully, Arletta has not seen an increase in calls to EMSA for heat-related illnesses or increased reports of disagreements at the Center of Hope. But she has noticed some heat-related changes at the Center. “People come in to get out of the heat at all times of the day and night and our lobby is always full. We’re refilling our water thermoses very frequently, even at two in the morning,” she said. Overnight stays rose slightly in late July from averaging 250 people a night to 275. “We’re making an impact on helping the city’s most vulnerable citizens, and it will continue,” Arletta said.


UPDATE: You can text "TULSA HEAT" to 85944 to make a $10 donation and the gift will be doubled, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Henry Zarrow.  If you have a smartphone you can also scan the QR code to the right!  

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