Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Corporate Angel Time

I know it seems early in the year to bring up the topic of Christmas, however for The Salvation Army Christmas is really just “around the corner.” We want to begin our planning now, so we know that we are…“DOING THE MOST GOOD” for our community.

We begin taking applications for Christmas assistance in September, this allows us plenty of time to make sure all our angels are ready for adoption before the holiday season hits! (If you know someone in need of assistance they can call 918-587-7801 for application information.)

The way our Corporate Angel Tree Program works is simple. You request the number of angels you would like to make available for adoption to your staff or coworkers. You pick these angels up from us beginning November 1, 2011 and then display them so that your staff has the opportunity to pick out and adopt an angel. They shop for gift(s) for their angel then return them to you to be delivered to our Christmas Joy Center by December 12, 2011. The gift(s) are then distributed to the needy in our community at our Christmas Joy Center.

We need your help! In 2010 we distributed 22,238 toys to 3,419 families with children. Businesses and folks such as yourself generously gave from their hearts so that these children would have a good Christmas.
Please consider getting your company or organization involved in our Corporate Angel Tree Program this year, to find out more call Tracy at 918-587-7801. She can tell you all the details.

Merry Christmas! 


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