Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teen Program Starts at North Mabee Boys & Girls Club

Things are looking up for teenagers at the North Mabee Boys & Girls Club. Director Jo Bright announced that for the first time in eight years North Mabee has started a program just for teens. Clinton McKinney, a former professional athlete, is leading the program. Clinton grew up in Miami, Florida and often visited his grandmother, Liza McKinney, in Tulsa during holidays and summers. Clinton played high school football and received a full football scholarship from Southern Nazarene College in Bethany. After graduation, he played arena football in Florida, then moved to Oklahoma to play for the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs and the Oklahoma Thunder. He worked as a case manager for Youth Services in Tulsa before starting his job at North Mabee. The 27-year-old is married to Krista, a nurse, and the couple has two children, Clinton, Jr., six, and Mannie, two. 
“I want to be there for them to help them succeed. My family and coaches helped me and I want to give the same thing to these kids,” Clinton said. 
Photo: Teen Program Coordinator Clinton McKinney.


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