Friday, April 16, 2010

Fourth Grader Wows the Media

Nine-year-old Kendall Vann initially said “No” when Mabee Red Shield Director Jerome Smith asked her if she would let KOKI-Fox23 anchor Doug Clark interview her. But as Jerome walked away, Kendall changed her mind and handled the interview like a seasoned pro. She made excellent eye contact with Doug and gave thoughtful, measured and concise answers. Doug said Kendall did really well - especially for a nine year old. He was doing a story on gangs recruiting younger kids and had interviewed Jerome for a few minutes before asking to talk to a child.

Kendall told Doug that she had heard other fourth graders talk about gangs but she “stayed away from trouble” and found troublemakers in school “annoying”.  She told me that in her classes at Kendall Whittier Elementary School she likes to “Get my work done, read a lot, and do my best so I can get into college.” Not surprisingly, Kendall said this philosophy came from her mother Nicole. Kendall, I’m thinking if you stay on the track you’re on, you‘re going to be whatever you want to be, but I hope you consider a broadcast career as one of your options!


Photo: Kendall Vann and Doug Clark

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