Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Volunteer Coach Loves Cheerleading

Lynetria Johnson, coach for the Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club cheer squad falls into a small category of volunteers:  no one talked her into volunteering and she’s not doing it just for her child. “I have a love for cheerleading and I wanted to do it,” Lynetria said.  Her five-year-old son Brayden is on the Bulldog’s Mighty Mite basketball team, so she is “already at some of the games.”

Lynetria was a cheerleader for Booker T. Washington High School in 1987. She feels the members of the Bulldog cheer squad learn skills that will be important their whole life, such as building friendships, team work and coordination. “I help them learn to execute the movements,” Lynetria said.  The youngest cheerleaders are five years old. So even if the execution isn’t always precise, judging from watching the cheerleaders, everyone has a great time.

Photo: The Salvation Army Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club Bulldogs are being encouraged by a large cheer squad this year. Back row, from left: Mallory Wells, Jr. Coach; Lynetria Johnson, Coach; Kendall Vann, Makyla David, Captain; Kaytlyn Lodge, HayleeThompkins, Jr. Coach. Front row, from left: Mar’kyah McConell, Jasmine Wells, Kyrstyn Lodge, Kelsey Bailey, Chloe Clark.


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