Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Army of Stars: A Sand Springs Success Story

The Army of Stars held Saturday in Sand Springs was a huge success and a lot of fun. $16,163 was raised. The funds will go toward providing scholarships for children and seniors of the club. I was honored to be chosen as the Master of Ceremonies for the event. The dinner and auction were held in the newly remodeled gym. Volunteer Teressia Kehr chaired the event and approximately 100 people attended.  Sand Springs Boys & Girls Club children Ally Joiner and Shelby Harris performed a dance and Haley Pettit and Shelby Hammons sang.  Lucky Lamons, a state representative for part of the Sand Springs area, spoke about the importance on keeping children active throughout high school to improve graduation rates. 
Captain Patrick Gesner, who started at the Sand Springs Corps only a month ago, said he couldn’t have asked for a better event.  “Everything went off so smoothly. It’s wonderful the way a few dedicated volunteers and staff members can put together an event of this size. We’re already excited about doing it again next year.” 
Congratulations, Sand Springs!

-Greg Parker, Director, Sand Springs Boys & Girls Club


  1. Great event, loved being a part of it and very thankful to be with this awesome organization.
    Josh Coffey, A.D. Sand Springs Boys & Girls Club

  2. Thanks Josh! We are proud of all our wonderful staff!