Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meachem Gets Key to City

I was pumped this afternoon to get to see Robert Meachem, of New Orleans Saints fame, accept the key to Tulsa at the Boys & Girls Club where he grew up!  He could have chosen any place in Tulsa, but this Club was where he wanted his friends and family to gather and see him honored.  I think that says a lot about the impact of this positive place for kids!

First of all, my greatest impression of this young man is how amazingly humble he is.  He was so thankful to all of those who attended, and gave a few wise words to the kids watching him eagerly.  It is awesome that they got to meet him and know that he came from their neighborhood to become a super-successful NFL player!  Below are a few of the pics I took with my phone.  I will post more on the Flickr account later!Congrats Robert, glad to have you back in Tulsa!  If you missed our original story about Meachem's relationship with the North Mabee Club, READ IT HERE.

"Everyone who helped raise me is my family. Thank you for loving me and keeping me in your hearts. To the kids, keep God first." -Robert Meachem

I can't wait to see who our next famous alumni will be! It just may be one of the kids sitting in the back, listening intently to what this humble young man had to say.  


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