Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Day Camps in full swing

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club members enjoying day camp
At the Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club, members got a treat on Wednesday when supporters from JP Morgan Chase Bank representatives brought by summer supplies including water pistols,  Slip ‘n Slides, a wading pool, beach balls and pool noodles. Program Director Melissa Gruszeczki said the supplies fit perfectly with her once-a-week water games program called “Splash Into Fun.” The Mabee Red Shield members also swim once a week at Chandler Park or the Broken Arrow Boys & Girls Club.  In the photo at left, three club kids unpack the gifts as JP Morgan Chase bankers David Stratton and Kristin Bohanon watch.

At the Broken Arrow Boys & Girls Club, Director Janis Fraley said she has 153 kids in Summer Day Camp. The cost is $100 a week with a $5 deposit to reserve a spot. The club also requires the $45 annual membership fee that includes a T-shirt. This club takes kids on two field trips a week, to the movies, Incredible Pizza, Laser Quest, horseback riding, and even a float trip. Janis said one of the favorite features of Summer Day Camp is Fast Food Wednesdays, when parents who are tired of packing their child’s lunch can send money for the club to provide a meal from local fast food restaurants.

It’s hard to believe that Summer Day Camp in Sapulpa has already been going on for a month! Because none of the schools had to use snow days this year, several Day Camps started earlier than usual. Sapulpa Boys & Girls Club Director Jake Law said the club has lots of fun events and field trips planned. When I talked to him he was busy setting up “Tent Day” in the gym. He said kids bring in their tents and sleeping bags and set them up in the gym just as if they were outside. I love the creativity of our Boys & Girls Club directors!

Day Camp at the North Mabee Boys & Girls Club is “just about full,” said Director Latrice Fowlkes. “If anyone else wants to attend, they need to come to the club and enroll right away.” Latrice expects it to fill completely after summer school is over in July. The cost is $40 a week, and a $35 membership fee that  includes a Day Camp T-shirt.

At the Sand Springs Boys & Girls Club, 110 kids are enrolled in Summer Cay Camp and from 70 to 75 kids attend every day, said Director Bethany Pousinho. They are just about full. Sand Springs is $90 a week, with a $35 membership fee and $15 registration fee. This club is traveling to OKC this summer to visit the Oklahoma City Science Museum and also going to the water park in Muskogee.

At the West Mabee Boys & Girls Club, 57 children and youths have enrolled so there are still openings. The fees are $40 a week, plus $35 membership fee and $10 for a Day Camp t-shirt. The West Mabee club plans to go to Frontier City in OKC the Muskogee water park. The teens have a trip planned to Six Flags in Dallas. -Sallie

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