Thursday, April 11, 2013

Save up or spend! Club kids earn rewards in homework program

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club shares success story

Squeezing in homework between dinner and bath time can be a challenge for many working parents; it is at my house!

But for kids who spend the after-school hours at the Sapulpa Boys & Girls Club, kids can knock out homework and earn rewards during Power Hour!

Power Hour is a national Boys & Girls Club program that encourages focused homework completion time, with tutors and homework helper worksheets on deck. 

Program coordinator, Ron Brown, explains the incentive part of the program: 

"We want kids to prioritize education and strive for good grades, so we make it fun, accessible and rewarding. Kids can earn points on a daily basis and at the end of the week, they can go shopping at the Power Hour Store!"

Items in the Power Hour Store range from small snacks and treats to larger items, such as toys and games, all the way up to bikes and electronics; items "cost" between 3 and 500 points.

A small selection of prizes from the Power Hour Store.

Kids can earn points for completing assigned homework, extra Power Hour sheets and by-the-page free reading.  And for those students who have their eye on the prize, they can save up their points toward one of those larger prizes. 
At one point per page, this girl is on her way to a good prize!

Ron told me about two students who are competing to see who can get to the biggest prize in the Store-- a mountain bike. The first to 725 points wins the bike!

Kids obviously enjoy this kinds of incentive program; currently, over 30 students ranging from Kindergarten to 7th grade participate.

Sound like a program you'd like to support? You can help out by volunteering to be a homework helper or youth mentor, or donating gift cards or prizes for the Store. Prizes such as board games, sports equipment (soccor balls, basketballs, footballs, etc.), video games, and electronics are very attractive for kids (especially older kids) and often outside the Club budget.
Contact us at 918-587-7801 for more information.  
- Vicki

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