Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And the winner is...

Boys & Girls Clubs announce the Youth of the Year!

Jamar Giddings, Anthony Wilson
You’ve read about the candidates for the Tulsa Youth of the Year; Anthony, Charles and Neariah. So here’s the big news: Anthony won!
First, I want to tell you about his speech. As he had told me earlier, it was from the heart.  I’m willing to bet that it touched the hearts of every person in the room.

After an introduction by Jamar Giddings, West Mabee club director, Anthony told about how at the age of six, Giddings and another club staff member protected him from a grown man who was beating him up in the park next to the club. Giddings got the man off Wilson and called police who arrested him. The man was Wilson’s father.

“With the club, I knew I was safe. I knew there was always somewhere I could go where I would be protected,” Anthony said.

Janis Fraley, BA Club Director
and Neariah Persinger
 The banquet was attended by about 100 people who enjoyed a buffet dinner and speeches from all three candidates. Boys & Girls Club Leadership Council Chair Aaron Massey served as emcee.

When Jamar introduced Anthony before he made his speech, he said Anthony was the only club volunteer who was willing to come to the club on Saturday mornings to prepare for athletic events.
“Anthony was at the club whenever it was open and he would volunteer to do anything – clean up, supervise kids – anything,” Giddings said.
Jerome Smith, Mabee Red Shield Director
and Charles Gordon

The runner up for the Tulsa Metro Youth of the Year was Neariah and the third place winner for the was Charles. Both youths can run for Youth of the Year from their clubs next year also. The next step for Anthony will be to compete in the statewide Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year contest held in Oklahoma City. If he wins that competition, he’ll compete for the Regional Youth of the Year. We’re cheering for you Anthony!
 – Sallie

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