Monday, October 8, 2012

Rotary Club visits Area Command

Tradition has it that every Salvation Army Tulsa Area Commander joins the Downtown Rotary Club when he makes the move to Tulsa. But last week a new tradition was put into place. Area Commander Major Jim Taylor welcomed his fellow Rotarians to Area Command during a Business Visitation, where they enjoyed barbecued ribs, a speech, video and tour of the Tulsa Area Command. I got to enjoy the event also, as I was seated at a table with the charming Tom Monahan, pictured left.  He started  volunteering for the Army 31 years ago and had some stories to tell.
“I was on the Leadership Council for the Boys and Girls Clubs and Jo Bright came to me to see if I would build a kid-proof ping pong table,” Tom said. He said he used large pieces of lumber, such as 2x6 sizes rather than what is usually used. Once Mrs. Bright had all her Monahan-made ping pong tables, all of the other clubs wanted them too. Boys and Girls Club Director David Litterell was at the Sand Springs Boys and Girls Club at the time, and he remembered the tables.

“You could park a truck on those things,” Tom said.

During the building tour, Tom pointed out the photo of the officer who was Area Commander when he started volunteering. It was Major Rolan Chambliss, who started in 1981. I think it’s great that we have such loyal volunteers. Another volunteer who participated in the Business Visitation was longtime Advisory Board member George Basore, pictured above, left. Especially as we approach the holiday season, we realize every day that we couldn’t do it without you!


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